Forum for Research on Islam​

Forum for Research on Islam (FIFO) is an association for researchers and masters students who, at an academic level, deal with research within Islam and Muslims, primarily in Denmark.

The Forum for Research on Islam was founded in January 2005 with the aim of giving researchers and graduate students, who work with Islam and Muslims in Denmark, the opportunity to coordinate their efforts and be inspired by each other’s work. FIFO’s primary purpose is to promote knowledge and research of Islam and Muslims in Denmark, and to contribute to a strengthening of new and existing research networks. FIFO therefore functions as an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional forum, where members meet regularly for research seminars and conferences.

Meet the doctor

In this series of lecture we will invite newly defended Doctors to present their research and recently defended dissertations. A prerequisite to be invited is that the dissertation are in line with TIFO mission to facilitate and encourage the academic study of Islam, either in Scandinavia, or by scholars from Scandinavian Universities. The aim is to keep the lecture series at a regular basis (between one and two occasion per semester) in order to provide scholars that study Islam with the opportunity to get accustomed to the latest research in the field. As well as to provide a platform for new scholars to present their work. The series will be held online through Zoom.